Shade - the best protection
The most effective protection against UV radiation is to stay out of the sun during periods of high UV radiation levels. In summer this is usually between 11am to 3pm daylight saving time (10am to 2pm eastern standard time).

If you are outdoors, shade is the best way to protecting against UV radiation and to reduce your risk of skin cancer. Whenever possible you should combine personal protection with shade.

To be effective, shade must:
  • fall in the right place, at the right time of day
  • provide at least 94% reduction in direct UV radiation
  • protect against indirect UV radiation
  • be comfortable and attractive so people will use it.

    WebShade can show you how to create effective shade for your outdoor spaces. Shade can be natural (trees, hedges and other vegetation), built (permanent structures or a portable device) or a combination of natural and built.

    Personal protection measures become essential in situations where effective shade is unavailable, such as playing sport and outdoor workplaces. To minimise the damaging effects of UV radiation, you should:
    • Wear a wide brimmed hat and clothing to cover exposed skin
    • Use a high protection broad spectrum sunscreen on exposed skin
    • Wear close fitting sunglasses.
    Remember, sunscreen is a last line of defence – it should never be used to increase the time you stay in the sun.