UV radiation and vitamin D
Some people are confused about whether they should get more sun to make sure they get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is needed for strong and healthy bones.

Most people receive enough vitamin D, through exposure to the sun’s UV radiation, simply by going about their day-to-day lives.

Only some people living in Australia & NZ have low levels of vitamin D. They include:
  • the elderly, especially those who do not go outdoors very often. Older people also don’t produce vitamin D as well as young people.
  • babies of mothers who have low levels of vitamin D
  • people with dark skin, who naturally have more melanin, the pigment that reduces the amount of UV radiation getting though the skin
  • people who cover their skin and heads with clothing and veils, for cultural or religious reasons, so less skin is exposed to UV radiation.

These people generally have little exposure to the sun, especially during winter if they live in the southern half of Australia or NZ. This is usually why they may not get enough vitamin D.
People with a diagnosed lack of vitamin D should discuss this with their doctor, as they may need to take vitamin D supplements rather than seek more exposure to the sun.

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