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Building the Education Revolution (BER)

If you have secured funding for your shade project within the Australian Federal Government 'Building the Education Revolution' program, congratulations, we can assist you in achieving a successful shade outcome.

We are experts in shade planning and design and are affiliated with an architectural practice. Successful shade planning and design requires in-depth knowledge and experience, beyond that of most architects and shade installers. Being independent consultants and not associated with any shade company, we are able to provide the best advice on shade options and materials.

Failed shade projects are embarrassing and a waste of valuable school resources - it is therefore essential that schools get it right first time. Recently, CHOICE Article 1 - 12 December 2008 and Article 2 - 17 February 2009 analysed the shade fabric industry and revealed how frequently shade projects failed to deliver good outcomes.

We believe that a methodical approach to shade planning, design and project management is the best way to ensure a successful outcome - a structure that provides effective protection from UV radiation and year-round comfort.

WebShade has worked with the Cancer Council of Australia for over twenty years in the development of best practice in shade planning and design, including the development of the 'Shade Audit' , a process whereby UV risks within playground activity areas are identified and recommendations made to minimise them. Many of the guiding principles of the Shade Audit would be adopted for your project.

We have worked on many shade projects in the past and believe we can assist your school in achieving a successful outcome, either working directly with you or with your architect. Please Contact us to discuss your shade project with one of our professional shade consultants.

Download a copy of our Capability Statement from our website to view examples of our work.