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WebShade helps you to:

develop healthy outdoor environments

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CHOICE findings in it's shade fabric industry investigation December 2008, revealed how frequently shade projects failed to deliver good outcomes. The CHOICE article is essential reading for childcare centre licensee's.

Child Care Centres want to provide healthy enjoyable and sun-safe environments. Outdoor facilities are an invaluable resource, and yet childhood sun exposure contributes to a lifetime risk of skin cancer.

Early childhood services can play a significant role in the prevention of skin cancer. WebShade helps Child Care Centres meet their legal duty to provide safe environments for the children in their care.

The WebShade Audit can be done by purchasing and using our shade planning software or you can contact WebShade accredited auditors and arrange for a WebShade Audit to be carried out for your facility.

Making outdoor areas more sun-safe

"Working with WebShade ...we certainly gained extra knowledge about sun protection." WebShade is a shade planning software program and information resource that:
  • gives you the knowledge and skills to conduct a thorough WebShade Audit of your facilities
  • shows actual shade at the site for any time of day or year
  • rates the solar risk for the outdoor activities
  • allows modelling of new activities and proposed shade structures before any expensive construction
  • helps record options and recommendations
  • produces authoritative evidence of the benefits of improved shade
  • helps you comply with regulations.
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