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Benefits and features

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WebShade Pro helps you
show your customers
the amount of shade
at any time of day or year

It's a vital sales tool!

Sell More Shade Faster


WebShade confirms you as the expert

"WebShade is an innovative business tool ...changing the way shade is sold."
    WebShade for Shade Professionals is available in two separate modules:

    WebShadeModeller - drawing module - trace off Google or other images

    WebShadeQuoter - quotation module - produce quotations within minutes

    WebShade For Shade Professionals allows you to:
    • sell more material by demonstrating actual shade outcomes
    • increase your productivity by producing instant and professional quotations
    • use state-of-the-art visualisation technology
    • demonstrate solutions at client sites
    • involve your customer in the design process
    • present professional and accurate information to your clients

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