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Benefits and features

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WebShade helps you to:

ensure you have a
sun-safe school

create only the shade
you need

develop activity-based, educational projects
Schools participating in the Australian Federal Government 'Building the Education Revolution (BER)' programme can ensure that their shade projects are successful by involving WebShade consultants in the early stages of planning and design. We are also able to project manage the construction of your shade structure and advise you on UV risks within activity areas and appropriate shade materials to use. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
Recently CHOICE Article 1 - 12 December 2008 and Article 2 - 17 February 2009 analysed the shade fabric industry and revealed how frequently shade projects failed to deliver good outcomes.

Teachers and parents want to provide healthy enjoyable and sun-safe educational environments. Outdoor facilities are an invaluable resource, and yet childhood sun exposure contributes to a lifetime risk of skin cancer.

WebShade helps schools meet their legal duty to provide safe environments for the children in their care.

The Shade Audit can be done by purchasing and using our shade planning software or you can contact WebShade accredited auditors and arrange for a WebShade Audit to be carried out for your facility.

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Click to download an CHOICE article on shade industry 12 December 2008

Click to download an CHOICE article on shade industry 17 January 2009

Making outdoor areas more sun-safe

"By precisely demonstrating shade outcome ...WebShade takes the process of planning shade from guesswork to reality." WebShade is an education and shade planning software program and information resource that:
  • gives your school the knowledge and skills to conduct a thorough Shade Audit of your facilities
  • shows actual shade at the school for any time of day or year
  • rates the solar risk for the school's specific activities
  • allows modeling of new activities and changes to shade structures before any expensive construction
  • helps record options and recommendations
  • produces authoritative evidence of the benefits of improved shade.

Learning skills for a sun-safe lifetime

"Having students actively involved in planning their outdoor environments provides the best chance of understanding and adopting sun-safe habits." WebShade software and information provide a valuable resource for classroom projects by:
  • allowing students to plan and model shade for their play areas
  • bringing the student's insights together with parents and teachers on a full site WebShade Audit
  • providing authentic learning in health, maths, science and geography
  • building experience in team work, decision-making and problem-solving.
WebShade materials also provide tools for a range of learning activities by:
  • using WebShade fieldwork data sheets to discover features and activities that affect solar risk
  • modelling shade for any feature, at any location, any time of day or year.
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