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WebShade holds patents in Australia (2005239629) and the United States of America (8396692). Patents are pending for the WebShade software in Canada (2,528,575).


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Information about our Organisation and Web site

Modern information and communication technologies play a fundamental role in the activities of an organisation like WebShade. We are based in Australia.

Our principal activity is: Software Development and Shade Protection services.

Our privacy policy covers WebShade and its Web site:

Web site: www.webshade.com.au

Providing Visitors with Anonymous Access

You can access our Web site home page and browse our site without disclosing your personal data.

The services and links of our Web site

Our Web site does not enable our visitors to communicate with other visitors or to post information to be accessed by others. Our Web site does not include links to third party Web service providers.

Automatic Collection of Information

We do not use cookies on our Web site. We do not automatically log personal data nor do we link information automatically logged by other means with personal data about specific individuals.

Data Collection and Purpose Specification

We agree not to share personal data collected from our visitors with other organisations. We do not collect information about our visitors from other sources, such as public records or bodies, or private organisations.