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Local government, councils and planning authorities are placing increasing importance on providing comfortable and safe outdoor activity areas for their communities. WebShade is the software tool for accurate shade assessment and planning.

The WebShade Audit can be done by purchasing and using our shade planning software or you can contact WebShade accredited auditors and arrange for a WebShade Audit to be carried out for your facility.

Increase your community's resources for safe outdoor activities

"It's a fantastic program and very easy for anyone..."
Kerry Young, Swan Hill Rural City School
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WebShade provides a new technology to-
  • improve outdoor environments by identifying problems leading to uncomfortable, unsafe and under utilised sites
  • setup accurate and systematic assessments of the quantity and quality of shade at all sites
  • ensure optimum results before building or planting
  • increase the skill and knowledge of the planning staff in meeting Council responsibilities for providing safe, comfortable sites
  • prepare graphic documentation to support funding and development plans
  • provide better sun-safety information for the community.