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spacer Pricing for Shade Industry - New Zealand

For Shade Professionals, WebShade is available in two separate modules:

ShadeModeller - compulsory drawing module

ShadeQuoter - optional quotation module

ShadeModeller and ShadeQuoter are unlimited in the number of sites or times they can be used.

product code WS-Pro


Drawing module and optional Quotation module
Information modules & workbook kits
Free upgrades
Help desk technical support (by phone or email)
Note: ShadeQuoter requires Microsoft Word 2003 or 2007


single user, with installation on one computer


ShadeModeller license fee    NZ $2,000 + GST per Year
                                             NZ $200 + GST per Month
ShadeQuoter license fee      NZ $1,000 + GST per Year
                                             NZ $100 + GST per Month
additional licenses                NZ $550 + GST each